Training – Usability testing, CPUX-UT

Usability testing is by far the most widely used method for finding usability problems. It is essential for finding and correcting usability problems. If you want to find usability problems efficiently using proven and generally recognized methods, this training is for you. This three-day training focuses on usability testing; it also covers usability inspection, and user surveys.

The training is based on the CPUX-UT curriculum. A CPUX-F certificate is strongly recommended as a pre-requisite.

Optional, independent CPUX-UT certification is available from Certible. The CPUX-UT certification costs approximately 600€.

I offer this training as public training or as in-house training. Contact me for details.


The training covers UXQB’s CPUX-UT curriculum. The training covers the three phases of a usability test: prepare usability test; conduct usability test; and communicate test results.

Particular attention is paid to the creation of good usability test tasks, moderation, and communication of usability test results. The training also covers usability inspection and user surveys. Throughout the training, participants can check their understanding through quick quiz questions.

The training prepares students for the optional CPUX-UT certification exam.

UXQB is the International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board
CPUX means Certified Professional for User Experience

Advantages offered by my trainings

Many good people and organizations offer CPUX-UT trainings. Some of the advantages that my trainings offer you are:

  • Exercises. About 50% spent on exercises during the two-day training.
  • Test your understanding. About 30 quiz questions throughout the training to help you check and increase your understanding of the concepts.
  • Experience. I have conducted this training at least 10 times, and I keep improving it based on student feedback. I have worked actively as a UX professional for almost 40 years and I have conducted many usability tests.
  • Evaluations. On a scale from 1 to 5, most students rate the statement, “The training was worth my time,” 4 or 5.
  • Experience. I am the author of the CPUX-UT curriculum. I am internationally recognized for my achievements in the usability test area.
  • Recognized Training Provider. DialogDesign is a Recognized Training Provider. I am an accredited CPUX-UT trainer.

CPUX-UT certification

The CPUX-UT certification exam consists of two parts, a theoretical and a practical exam.

In the theoretical exam, you must score at least 70% when answering 40 multiple-choice questions within 90 minutes. Each question has six possible answers of which 1, 2 or 3 are correct. The correct number of answers is clearly indicated for each question. If the exam language is not your native language, you have 105 minutes (rather than 90 minutes) to answer the questions.

In the practical exam, you must plan, conduct and report a usability test with three participants of a prescribed website. You have one week to complete the practical exam. You can place the one week period at any time that is convenient to you. At the end of the one week-period, you must submit a usability test report and raw videos of the usability test sessions for evaluation by an expert examiner.

You obtain the CPUX-UT certificate if you score at least 70% in both the theoretical and the practical exam.

sample CPUX-UT exam is freely available.

More information

In September 2022, Rolf Molich, Bernard Rummel and Susanne Waßerroth published the article “Improve Your Usability Tests: Learnings from Evaluating 100-Plus Usability Tests” about their experiences from evaluating practical CPUX-UT certification exam submissions.