Benefits of increased UX maturity

This page attempts to answer the question, “Why invest in UX maturity?” It shows the various chances and risks at each UX maturity level.

Innovating► Your profound understanding of customers, which comes from careful user research, enables you to add value that none of your competitors currently deliver
► Your products are not only usable, they are desirable
► Customers are willing to pay more for your products because of your proverbially great UX
► Substantial costs of maintaining the UX department
► "Snakes in UX Heaven" - hiring UX professionals or consultants who rely on opinion
Predictable► There is little or no risk of releasing an unusable product
► The total cost of the UX effort is known from the early phases of the development
► The need for support is reduced
Same as "Innovating"
Established► Your brand is strengthened by the uniform appearance of your products► Changes in key management may disrupt the UX effort
Managed► The first positive effects of your UX investment is felt by customers
PerformedNoneSame as "Incomplete"
IncompleteNone► Users will not use your product because it does not meet their needs
► Users will not use your product because they can't figure out how to use it
► Support is overwhelmed
► Your products are scorned in reviews
► Designers feel that their talent is completely wasted