CPUX-UT Usability Testing

CPUX-UT provides solid knowledge about usability evaluation in general and usability testing in particular.

CPUX-UT teaches proven knowledge about usability evaluation – that is, usability inspection, usability testing and user survey. Sample topics are the usability inspection process, heuristics, planning a usability test, writing great usability test tasks, moderating a usability test, and communicating test results effectively, for example using the KJ-method.

CPUX-UT certification exam

You obtain the CPUX-UT certificate by passing both a theoretical and a practical certification exam.

The theoretical certification exam is proctored and consists of 40 multiple choice questions. It lasts 90 minutes.

The practical certification exam consists of carrying out a usability test of a website prescribed by the examiner with 3 participants. Usability test participants are simple to recruit. You have one week to carry out the usability test. You must submit a usability test report and raw videos from the usability test sessions. The submission is evaluated by an examiner based on an extensive checklist. You might find the checklist interesting even if you’re not taking the CPUX-UT certification exam.

You can prepare for the certification exam by participating in a training course or by self-study. For training and self-study, the full CPUX-UT curriculum and a full set of exam questions are available at no cost from UXQB’s website.

In order to obtain the CPUX-UT certificate, you must be CPUX-F certified.

An example of a CPUX-UT exam question. The correct answer is C.

Arguments for usability test certification

In a blog post written for Interactions Magazine, Should usability testers be certified?, I argued for the value of usability test certification. The blog post is followed by comments from Bernard Rummel and David Travis, and a response from Gilbert Cockton. The blog post appeared April 2019

Official description of CPUX-UT

The official description of CPUX-UT says,

The certificate “UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Usability Testing and Evaluation (CPUX-UT)” attests that the certificate holder is familiar with terms and concepts related to testing and evaluation of user interfaces, specifically usability testing.

The certificate further attests that the certificate holder is able to apply basic concepts in the following areas of competence:

  • Planning, conducting and reporting the results of usability tests
  • Planning, conducting and reporting the results of usability inspections
  • Designing, performing and analyzing the results of qualitative and quantitative user surveys