Most of the following videos are recordings of my talks at conferences. The list also includes interviews.


  • Introduction to usability
  • UX management and strategy
  • Ethics in UX
  • Usability testing and inspection
  • Retrospectives
  • Interviews
  • Other stuff

Introduction to usability

If the users can’t use it, it doesn’t work
TestCon Moscow, 19-04-2018, 43:24
The quality of software goes far beyond the classical testing of software. Today, basic knowledge about usability is essential for software test specialists. The talk shows examples of usability problems and explains the “think-aloud” method for usability testing.

UX management and strategy

What to say to your boss when they ask tough questions
UX Alive in Istalbul, organized by userspots, 24-04-2019, 41:56
The talk shows how our some of our users (managers, developers) view us, the UX professionals. It presents a simple and usable maturity scale and suggest appropriate answers to selected tough questions based on the maturity level of the organisation. The talk is about the politics of usability in challenging environments.
Interview that summarizes the talk 4:24

Ethics in UX

Ethical Dilemmas in User Experience
UXPA UK, 20-09-2018, 28:10
What would YOU do if your boss asked you to design a system with one or more unethical features? Can you recognize unethical design requests and unethical UX techniques? This talk presents a number of real-world examples of ethical dilemmas in UX management, UX design and usability testing.

Usability testing and inspection

5 Users Will Find 85% of Your Usability Problems, and Other Myths about Usability Testing
UX Sheffield in cooperation with Bunnyfoot, 28-09-2016, 35:52
Rolf Molich discusses why you’ll never be able to find all of your usability problems, and why, as usability professionals, our products, presentations and general doings must be usable, useful, correct, relevant, brief and constructive.

Risks of Usability Testing
UXPA UK, part of “An evening with Rolf Molich”, 29-09-2016, 23:50
What can go wrong in a professional usability test?

Hip, Hip Heuristic
UXPA UK, part of “An evening with Rolf Molich”, 29-09-2016, 42:30
This talk celebrated the 25th anniversary of Nielsen’s and my usability heuristics. What have we learned about heuristics and heuristic evaluation since they were introduced in 1990?


The testament of a UX professional – Six lessons from 32 years with usability
Keynote at UXUK Awards sponsored by Bunnyfoot, 10-11-2016, 19:05 (from 10:00 to 29:05)


If the users can’t use it, it doesn’t work
Victor Sokolovskiy, Code Space Kyiv Ukraine, September 2020, 1:17
“We will ask Rolf for examples of why it doesn’t work if users can’t use it; how usability changed over time – is it still about “DialogDesign”; and is it worth to spend money on usability testing.”

Rolf Molich About Discount Usability Testing and Quick-and-Dirty User Tests in the Real World
Lotte Larsen, mindberry, May 2016, 11:00, transcript included
We had the pleasure of interviewing Rolf Molich on a recent visit to Denmark. He is an institution in the area of usability and has dedicated himself to this topic for more than 30 years. In this video Rolf explains:

  • How to achieve valuable results with quick and dirty usability tests
  • Why it is important to conduct tests with users “in the real world”
  • Why bigger budgets are not always the solution to usability problems
  • What impact the usage of multiple devices has on usability tests

It’s our research
Interview, 2011, 16:59
An interview with me about getting stakeholder buy-in for UX research. The interview was conducted by Tomer Sharon, then a Google UX researcher, for his book, It’s Our Research: Getting stakeholder buy-in for user experience research projects.

Other stuff

Of Cannibals and Swings – Useful Usability Humor
UPA 2011 International conference, 22-06-2011, 5:11
This is an ignite-session about usability humor.
The rules for ignite sessions are: You have 5 minutes to show 20 slides; the slides automatically advance every 15 seconds. Tips: Two subsequent slides can be identical, giving you 30 seconds to talk about the content It takes much longer to prepare such a 5-minute presentation than to prepare an ordinary 30 to 40 minute presentation..