Training for UX Certification

I offer the following training courses for UX certification:

I offer these training courses in English, German or Danish. In some cases, the slides will be in English even if the spoken language is German or Danish.

Public courses with me as a trainer are offered by Advice A/S in Danish or in English. Advice’s courses take place in Copenhagen. For other public courses, see the overview on UXQB’s website. Contact me for in-house courses.

Independent certification by Certible is available in connection with any of the above courses. I only offer certification that is carried out by a third party who is independent of the trainer and the course organizer.

All training courses include:

  • Frequent quizzes with typical certification questions to keep the attention of the students and to give students a chance to check their understanding. Sample quiz questions,
  • About 50% of the course time is spent on practical exercises (this does not apply for crash-courses)

Why should you care about UX certification?