Since 1993, DialogDesign has helped hundreds of clients. Here are a few examples:

Nordea Bank

DialogDesign conducted a large number of usability tests for Nordea. We’ve also developed a usable GUI standard for internal applications and promoted it internally through design courses.


DialogDesign conducted a large number of usability tests for IKEA. We also developed various internal procedures for increasing usability awareness.

H:S (The Healthcare Section of the Capital Region of Denmark)

DialogDesign developed GUI standards for a patient record system and help and PDA user interfaces. We’ve also helped H:S in assuring that user interfaces delivered by contractors actually follow the standards.

DialogDesign cooperated with H:S since 2004. We helped H:S create usable interfaces for the Electronic Patient Journal system by

  • Creating measurable goals for usability
  • Following up on usability goals
  • Creating a GUI standard for subcontractor contracts
  • Creating a help standard for subcontractor contracts
  • Following up on the GUI standard by reviewing subcontractor prototypes as early as possible
  • Regularly revising standards based on comments from H:S and its subcontractors
  • Commenting on usability tests carried out by H:S staff
  • Writing a usability test report with usability problem descriptions and recommendations for a usability test performed by H:S staff

Through these activities, H:S has focused on preventing usability problems rather than curing them through testing.

Nielsen Norman Group

Rolf Molich conducted a large number of advanced one-day usability courses for the Nielsen Norman Group on four continents. I’ve done courses on advanced usability testing methods, expert reviews, and e-commerce usability. I’ve also carried out usability tests on behalf of the Nielsen Norman Group for European clients.


DialogDesign coordinated usability tests and expert site reviews that focused on the French and German websites.


DialogDesign conducted several series of usability tests of hearing aid accessories and corresponding getting started guides. DialogDesign used the KJ-method to increase acceptance of usability test results