About this website

I created this website in May and June 2020. It completely replaced a previous website created around 2000.

The technical implementation and the WordPress template were handled expertly by Mikkel Diamant Madsen, Muld Design.

The drawings were made by Alexey Martynyuk.


Comments on this website are much appreciated: comments@dialogdesign.dk
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I appreciate the thoughtful comments on this website from Peter Carstensen, Jan Clausen, Danielle Cooley, Anker Helms Jørgensen and Søren Lauesen.

Recent changes to this website

2022-10-12I received the User Experience Achievement Award from the German UPA
Added information about new curriculum and certification, CPUX-M - Essentials in UX and HCD Management
Two new articles added on the Publications page, "Improve Your Usability Tests: Learnings from Evaluating 100-Plus Usability Tests" and "UX Integration: The Proverbial Stumbling Stones on the Road to UX Paradise"
2021-08-27"UX maturity — for UX Professionals" updated with pointers to my four stories about UX Paradise, which have just been published on uxmatters.com
2021-06-18Two "UX Paradise" talks were added. The top level menu item "UX Certification" was removed. Some of the information on this page was moved to the "UX Certification benefits" page.
2021-05-28The pages "Increasing the UX maturity of your organization," "UX maturity — for UX Professionals," and "UX maturity — for Managers" were extensively updated to reflect my experiences
2020-12-17Pages "Questions and answers about usability testing" and "Questions and answers about the CUE studies" added.
2020-12-03Major updates to the page "UX strategy and UX maturity" and its subpages. Page "Assessing UX maturity" added
Page "More 'Molich says'" and subpages added, including the FLUID model for documentation and model for search
2020-11-27Major updates to the pages "How to do a heuristic evaluation" and "UX maturity"
2020-08-05All CUE-pages updated and streamlined. "Meet Rolf Molich"-page added
2020-06-30Launch of new website