A UX Stratega – A Fictitious But Realistic Example of a UX Strategy

Short summary: This 30 to 45-minute talk explains how to sell UX in your organization. It covers business and UX strategy, UX maturity models and specific examples of what to do to increase UX awareness in an organisation.

Summary: A good UX strategy is important to ensure the success of UX in an organization. It is hard for people who want to create a good UX strategy to move forward because few published examples of good UX strategies are currently available. Available advice about UX strategies mostly comes in the form of general guidelines.

This talk presents a Stratega – a specific example of a non-trivial UX strategy (just like a persona is an example of a person, a user). The point of departure is a realistic scenario from a fictitious airline, which is at a low UX maturity level. The UX strategy has been reviewed by a number of UX strategy experts.

Target group: The talk is aimed at UX professionals who are interested in UX strategy, but have little or no knowledge about it.

This talk includes interactive quizzes and a short video.