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Key publications

Are Usability Evaluations Reproducible? – A retrospective of all CUE-studies
Rolf Molich
Interactions, October 2018

What you get is what you see: revisiting the evaluator effect in usability tests (CUE-9)
Morten Hertzum, Rolf Molich and Niels Ebbe Jacobsen
Behaviour & Information Technology, April 2013

Rent a Car in Just 0, 60, 240 or 1,217 Seconds?  (CUE-8)
Rolf Molich, Jarinee Chattratichart, Veronica D Hinkle, Janne Jul Jensen, Jurek Kirakowski, Jeff Sauro, Tomer Sharon and Brian Traynor
JUS, the Journal of Usability Studies, November 2010

Recommendations on Recommendations (CUE-7)
Rolf Molich, Kasper Hornbæk, Steven Krug, Josephine Scott and Jeff Johnson
User Experience Magazine, Vol. 7, Issue 4, 2008.

Comparative Usability Evaluation (CUE-4)
Rolf Molich and Joseph S. Dumas,
Behaviour & Information Technology, May 2008.

Heuristic evaluation of user interfaces
Jakob Nielsen and Rolf Molich
Proc. ACM CHI’90 Conf., Seattle, WA, April 1990

Improving a human-computer dialogue
Rolf Molich and Jakob Nielsen
Communications of the ACM, March 1990

Publications about usability evaluation

Improve Your Usability Tests: Learnings from Evaluating 100-Plus Usability Tests
Rolf Molich, Bernard Rummel and Susanne Waßerroth
UXPA Magazine, September 2022

Should usability testers be certified?
Rolf Molich with comments from Bernard Rummel and David Travis, and a response from Gilbert Cockton
Interactions blog post, April 2019

Rent a car in just 60, 120, 240 seconds – Comparative Usability Measurement (CUE-8)
Rolf Molich, Jurek Kirakowski and Tomer Sharon
90-minute session at the UPA 2010 conference in Munich, Germany, May 2010

A Commentary of “How To Specify the Participant Group Size for Usability Studies: A Practitioner’s Guide” by R. Macefield
Rolf Molich
Letter to the Editor, JUS, the Journal of Usability Studies, May 2010,

Making Usability Recommendations Useful and Usable (CUE-4)
Rolf Molich, Robin Jeffries, and Joseph S. Dumas,
JUS, the Journal of Usability Studies, August 2007.

Describing Usability Problems – Are We Sending the Right Message (CUE-4)
Joseph S. Dumas, Rolf Molich, and Robin Jeffries
Interactions, July/August 2004.

Comparative Usability Evaluation (CUE-2)
Rolf Molich, Meghan R. Ede, Klaus Kaasgaard, and Barbara Karyukin, 
Behaviour & Information Technology, January/February 2004

Usability in practice: formative usability evaluations-evolution and revolution
Randolph G Bias (moderator), Janice (Ginny) Redish (moderator), Robert Bailey, Rolf Molich, Joseph Dumas, Jared M Spool
CHI’02 extended abstracts

Usability Inspections by Groups of Specialists: Perceived Agreement in Spite of Disparate Observations (CUE-3)
Morten Hertzum, Niels Ebbe Jacobsen, and Rolf Molich,
CHI2002 Extended Abstracts, ACM Press, April 2002, (2 pages, PDF, 19 KB).

Comparative evaluation of usability tests
Rolf Molich, Ann Damgaard Thomsen, Barbara Karyukina, Lars Schmidt, Meghan Ede, Wilma van Oel,
Panel discussion, CHI’99 Extended Abstracts, May 1999

Comparative Evaluation of Usability Tests (CUE-1)
Rolf Molich, Nigel Bevan, Ian Curson, Scott Butler, Erika Kindlund, Dana Miller, and Jurek Kirakowski,
UPA98 conference paper (12 pages, PDF, 140 KB). June 1998

Publications about UX strategy

UX Integration: The Proverbial Stumbling Stones on the Road to UX Paradise
Rolf Molich and Dominique Winter
UXPA Magazine, September 2022

Living in UX Paradise – A UX Future Vision
Scenarios from a company at the highest level of UX maturity
Rolf Molich, Natalie Woletz, Dominique Winter,
Mensch und Computer Conference 2020 in Magdeburg, Germany (9 pages, PDF, 219 KB)

A UX Stratega – A Fictitious but Realistic Example of a UX Strategy
Rolf Molich
Mensch und Computer Conference 2019 in Hamburg, Germany (6½ pages, PDF, 210 KB)

Publications about other topics

Teaching user interface design based on usability engineering
Jakob Nielsen, and Rolf Molich
ACM SIGCHI Bulletin, August 1989