About Rolf Molich

Rolf Molich owns and manages DialogDesign, a tiny Danish usability consultancy that he founded in 1993. Rolf started working full-time for DialogDesign in February 1997. He has worked with usability since 1984.

Rolf is also the Vice President of the User Experience Qualification Board, UXQB. The UXQB provides UX training materials and certification. As of January 2021, the UXQB has certified more than 6.000 people. Rolf is the editor of UXQB’s Foundation Level curriculum, CPUX-F, and UXQB’s Usability Testing curriculum, CPUX-UT.

In 2014, the User Experience Professionals Association awarded Rolf the UXPA Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his work on the Comparative Usability Evaluation studies (CUE) and Heuristic evaluation.

Rolf conceived and coordinated the Comparative Usability Evaluation studies CUE-1 through CUE-10, in which more than 150 professional usability teams evaluated the usability of the same applications, mostly using usability testing.

Rolf regularly presents his research and experience at international conferences in workshops, talks and keynotes. He always asks participants to evaluate the presentations. Typical scores range from 4.0 to 4.5 on a five-point scale.

Rolf is the co-inventor of the heuristic evaluation method, which he developed in cooperation with Jakob Nielsen.

From 2011 to 2017, Rolf was an external lecturer at DIKU, the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen, where he taught an introductory Human-Computer Interaction course that was mandatory for all computer science students. He is particularly proud of the fact that in 2013 his students named him “teacher of the year” for his highly usable approach to teaching. Rolf says, “I try not only to preach usability, but also to practice it. And I always pay careful attention to the feedback I get from my users.”

From 1986 to 2011, Rolf was an external lecturer at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), where he taught the popular Usability Engineering course. 

In 2000, Rolf was a principal investigator in the Nielsen Norman Group’s large-scale usability test of 20 US e-commerce websites, involving more than 60 users. He wrote the resulting book “E-Commerce User Experience” together with Carolyn Snyder, Susan Farrell and Jakob Nielsen.

In 1984, Rolf edited the best-selling Danish book Brugervenlige edb-systemer (“User Friendly Computer Systems”), written by himself and 4 colleagues, Peter Beyer, Peter Carstensen, Anker Helms Jørgensen and Finn Hindkjær Pedersen. In 1994, Rolf took over full responsibility for the book and wrote several editions of the book. The last edition was published in 2003. Over the years, roughly 30,000 copies of the various editions of the book have been sold. The book is also available in English, with the title “Usable Web Design”. Rolf admits that the book is now obsolete.

Rolf was born in February 1949. Rolf graduated as a software engineer (M.Sc. in software engineering) from the Technical University of Denmark in 1974. His master’s project was a multi-task operating system for the Intel 8080 microprocessor including an assembler and a word-processing system. Rolf carried out the project in cooperation with Finn Verner Nielsen.

From 1974 to 1997, he worked as a project manager and software methods specialist for several Danish companies: Christian Rovsing A/S (1974-1976), Crone & Koch K/S (1976), Dansk Data Elektronik A/S (1976-1980), Dansk Datamatik Center (1980-1986), I S Hahns Enke (stockbroker) (1986), Baltica Bank (1986-1988), Baltica Forsikring (1988-1995) and Kommunedata (1995-1997).