Training – Essentials in UX and HCD Management, CPUX-M

A UX Manager interviews the organization’s Chief Marketing Officer to better understand the organization’s business goals

Learn and apply basic practical UX management skills to your UX role, regardless of job title.

Learn the basics of corporate language that are relevant for UX professionals. Understand what business goals are, how they relate to UX goals, and how they should drive UX work. Gain influence by understanding the business relevance of UX and how to influence management stakeholders. Get resources to convince and educate your organization about the value of human-centered design strategy.

UX professionals correctly recommend, “Speak the Language of Your Users”. This training introduces you to the language of a very important group of stakeholders: Your management.


The training covers:

  • The Challenges of HCD Management
  • Business Terms that Every UX Professional should know
  • UX and HCD Management and Leadership
  • Crafting and Driving HCD Vision
  • Creating a Shared HCD Culture
  • HCD Maturity
  • Boosting HCD Maturity
  • Measuring the Business Value of HCD Activities
  • Risk Management
  • Ethical and Sustainable Design

The training focuses on UX management. General management topics are not the main focus of this training.

Throughout the training, participants can check their understanding through about 20 quick quiz questions and three exercises.

The CPUX-M training requires no special prerequisites; you may want to consider taking a CPUX-F training first. The training is based on the CPUX-M curriculum, which is available at no cost on UXQB’s website.

Optional, independent CPUX-M certification is available from Certible and other certification providers. The CPUX-M certification costs approximately 300€.

I offer this training as public training or as in-house training. Contact me for details.

UXQB is the International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board
CPUX means Certified Professional for User Experience

Target Groups

The main target group for the CPUX-M training is UX professionals who want to understand their work in an organizational context so they can communicate better with their management.

Other important target groups are:

  • Product managers and Product owners
  • Managers who manage UX professionals without being UX professionals, for example test managers
  • UX professionals who want to pursue a UX management career path
  • Lone UX professionals, the “UX team of one”, in an organization, who want to know, “Am I doing it right?”
  • UX consultants who need to advise their clients about UX management and strategy
  • People with no formal UX-training who want to pursue a career in UX
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Business anaysts

UX managers may benefit from the systematic, up-to-date presentation of UX and HCD concepts offered by the training. However, the training and certification will not make you a qualified UX manager – this requires additional experience.

Advantages offered by my trainings

Some of the advantages that my trainings offer you are:

  • Test your understanding. About 20 quiz questions throughout the training to help you check and increase your understanding of the concepts.
  • Experience. I have worked actively as a UX professional and a UX manager for almost 40 years. I am the editor of the CPUX-M curriculum.
  • Evaluations. On a five-point scale, more than 80% of my students rate the statement, “The training was worth my time,” “Agree” or “Strongly Agree”.
  • Recognized Training Provider. DialogDesign is a Recognized Training Provider. I am an accredited CPUX-M trainer.

CPUX-M certification

To obtain the CPUX-M certificate, you must score at least 70% when answering 40 multiple-choice questions within 75 minutes. Each question has six possible answers of which one or two are substantially more correct than the other answers. The correct number of answers is clearly indicated for each question.

If the exam language is not your native language, you have 90 minutes (rather than 75 minutes) to answer the questions. A complete set of 40 sample CPUX-M exam questions is freely available.

 The following figure shows an example of a CPUX-M exam question:

A sample, public CPUX-M exam question. The correct answers are B and E.

More information

If you are planning to conduct CPUX-M training, please contact me to get a copy of the unofficial Trainer’s Guide, which contains a suggested time plan for the one-day training and suggestions for exercises.