Workshops are for experienced professionals who want to learn more about a particular topic. A considerable time at a workshop is spent discussing the experiences and problems of the workshop participants.

At this time, I offer the following workshops:

Hip, Hip Heuristic
Learn how to carry out usability inspections, heuristic evaluations and other inspection methods correctly. Also: What have we learned about heuristics and heuristic evaluation since they were introduced in 1990?

Tips and tricks for a better usability test
Workshops for experienced usability testers focus on a topic selected by the customer, for example

  • Writing good usability test tasks;
  • Moderating a usability test;
  • Writing great recommendations;
  • Writing a usable usability test report;
  • Selling usability test results to your stakeholders.

The length of a workshop is determined in cooperation with the customer, usually ½ to 1 day.