About this website

This website was created by Rolf Molich in May and June 2020. It completely replaced an old website created around 2000.

The technical implementation and the WordPress template were handled expertly by Mikkel Diamant Madsen, Muld Design, www.muld.digital.

The drawings on the website were made by Jørgen Grosbøl for Rolf Molich’s book “Brugervenlige edb-systemer” and “Brugervenligt webdesign”.

The figures on the website are from CPUX-curricula.


Comments on this website are much appreciated: comments@dialogdesign.dk
All reasonable comments will receive an answer.


I appreciate the thoughtful comments on this website from Anker Helms Jørgensen.

Recent changes to this website

2020-08-05All CUE-pages updated and streamlined. "Meet Rolf Molich"-page added
2020-06-30Launch of new website