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Usability test reports Test your usability skills

Usability Test Reports

A few clients have allowed DialogDesign to publish the usability test reports we’ve written for them. We’ve also conducted usability tests that we paid for ourselves and then published the resulting report - a kind of public review of a website.

DialogDesign always considers client test reports strictly confidential unless the client explicitly approves publication.

Feel free to get inspiration from the contents and format of our test reports. You’re also welcome to copy our report format - if you do, we would appreciate a discreet mention of the source.

Model Report

We use our test report for the website of US music and video retailer Tower Records (www.TowerRecords.com) as a model in our courses. The test was conducted in 2001, and the report format was updated in 2005 and 2010.

Download report, 30 pages: Word 2003 format (628 KB) or PDF (599 KB)

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Useful and Usable Test Reports

DialogDesign believes that usability professionals must set a good example to the world by creating highly useful and usable test reports.

We advocate several features that make test reports more useful and usable:

·      one-page executive summary placed at the very beginning of the report;

·      report limited to at most 50 usability issues and 30 pages (including appendices);

·      short and succinct description of each issue;

·      useful and usable recommendations;

·      positive findings included;

·      user quotes included; and

·      all usability issues classified by easily distinguishable, colorful icons that make it simple to skim the report for important issues

     Minor problem

     Serious problem

     Critical problem

     Positive feature

     Good idea

But are these features self-evident in professional usability test reports? Not according to our CUE studies.

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